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Teresa Hart is a professional Canadian Artist Signed to Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. She is a singer/songwriter/musician/Producer from Toronto, ON. Canada. She is a member of SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada)

SpaceGirl is here to show you a glimpse of the future. The album Virtual Reality was created from a dream Teresa Hart had. It laid out the foundation for the music. What was created is a hypnotic blend of pop and rock. Close your eyes and let your mind go free as you take a trip into the psychedelic imagination of SpaceGirl.


There is a new film getting ready for release from BME Films out of California entitled ‘Toxic’ that will include the song ‘Too Close To The Earth’ from the SpaceGirl-Virtual Reality album . Very exciting news as their last movie ‘Nano’ has over 10 million views on YouTube and has played festivals all over the world.


“Anyone who wants to know what kind of guitar playing once moved certain anonymous individuals to spray-paint the words ‘Clapton is God’ on the walls of London subways in the 1960’s should hear the unsurpassable Teresa Hart. That is the otherworldly feel you can get from seeing such adeptness in action”.


Jason Daniel Baker

After playing many shows in Canada over the last few years SpaceGirl  embarked on a UK tour.

Stay tuned for upcoming concert dates!


Manager- Phil Taylor

Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 





0 744 8997152









The SpaceGirl album could not have happened without the hard work and dedication of the three other founding members.


Alex Sandor Szigeti (Seany) was responsible for pounding out the hypnotic tribal drumbeats that were the backbone of the sound.


They were held together by Brandon Ong (Razor), who laid down thick, crunchy, rhythmic bass parts, with precise definition.


Underneath all of this was the beautiful bed created by Takeshi Sasaki (Arky) on the keys.

Many rehearsals and many gigs brought the sound together.



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