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PaRaDoX was founded by Iain - Vocals and Phil - Guitar in 1994.  We performed our 1st show in November 1995 to an audience of 150 punks and skinheads at a Working mans club in Dover - UK.  During 1995 - 2001 we played lots of local venues, this also included the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone (one of the largest music venues in Kent)  


After a number ‘lead guitarists’, bass and drummers changes in 2001, we bumped in an old friend and bass player - Bex, he was also performing at the Leas Cliff Hall with a different band, shortly after, he joined PaRaDoX.  Bex was an old school friend of Iain and an old friend of Phil.  Once Bex had joined PaRaDoX, we needed a new fresh drummer.  PaRaDoX needed someone with some anger and energy, we put an add in the local paper.  Soon after, Woody responded to this add, he came to audition, he was perfect! PaRaDoX was complete.  


We rehearsed hard, hours and hours of making our own music, we have a simple rule, we call it our ’10 minute rule’ if a new idea doesn’t ‘click’ within the first 10 minutes, we drop it.  It doesn’t always work this way as some ideas will and do take a little longer.  We played many local festivals and local bars during 2001 - 2003, we also recorded a demo in a studio, this was amazing, actually hearing our music recorded properly for the first time, a very proud moment for all of us.  We even entered a competition on a local radio show and won!


Record Label - Thunderdome Records


Once we felt we were ready for something a little more serious, we decided to start contacting record companies.  We used the power of the internet, after a short time, we were contacted by a Swiss record company Thunderdome Records, they wanted to come and see us play live!  This was amazing, we had a show booked at a venue in Soho called ‘Sounds’ The record company was coming!  We had a discussion what songs to play in our short 30 minutes set, we wanted to get it right, the tracks were set, the record company was set, everything was ready.  


On the day of the show, we arrived in London, all very excited, we met with the label, gave them a cheeky PaRaDoX T-shirt to wear while they watched our show.  We played our show, which was amazing!  Met with the label after the show, who was very impressed with our live performance, had a chat about the label, and what they could offer us and so on.  They went away, we travelled home after a very positive day.  The label said they would be in touch, and true to their word they contacted us a few days later.  They wanted to discuss signing us, the guys flew us out to Switzerland to discuss and sign a deal!!  This was amazing, we had worked so hard and it all seemed to be paying off.  The contract was signed and we were booked to go into the recording studio to record our first album ‘Silently Screaming’  This was recorded in 2004 and released in 2005 as physical copy as well as a download.  


European Tour


To promote Silently Screaming, the label set up a tour across Germany and Switzerland in 2005, we were on tour for about a month, the tour was amazing, played so many different venues, this included Bars and festivals.  During 2005 - 2008 we played across Germany and Switzerland, as well as here in the UK nationally - mainly festivals 


In 2008, Phil had a terrible loss in the family, his four year old daughter died in an accident and the band shortly after disbanded.  It was all too much to handle, after a short amount of success, Phil could no longer carry on.  


In 2014, PaRaDoX reformed, we needed the live music back in our lives, we got together and started to make music again.  


Record Label: Rock Solid Talent Entertainment  

Manager: Phil Taylor


After doing loads of live shows, locally and nationally, playing festivals, charity events, live radio shows, we approached Phil Taylor CEO of R.S.T.E and asked if he would be interested in working with us, we knew he was very busy, and had lots of contacts in the industry, he would be perfect for PaRaDoX, Phil took on the role as PaRaDoX manager and took us under the label R.S.T.E in 2014.  We have been going from strength to strength.  We perform live very regularly, we are always happy to play anywhere, we just want to play.  We write all our own music, something that seems to be a bit of a rarity with local bands nowadays, there seems to be so many cover bands, we have always prided ourselves on doing what other bands seem to scared to do, take a chance, be different.  We do play some covers, but with a PaRaDoX twist ;-) 

Endorsed by-

Marshall Amplification

Sandberg Guitars- Bass

Natal Drums

Saluda Cymbals

Manager- Phil Taylor

Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment  

Distributor- RSTE/AMG/SONY

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