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          Daisy Daniels       Singer/Songwriter/Actress




Daisy Daniels is an Italian  Singer/Songwriter/Actress.

Signed to- Rock Solid Talent EntertainmentLanguages spoken: Italian and American English. Daisy was born in Italy on February 26th 1988. Since she was a little girl she's had this passion for singing and acting.


She's always dreamed of becoming a super star. She was pretty popular back in her high school and always performed at school parties.


In September 2006 she auditioned for a tv show to perform with the American singer Jesse McCartney.


In 2011 she got  featured in the American MODELSMANIA Magazine.


In June 2015 she flew to Los Angeles to taste the American lifestyle. This is what our little star declared in one of her Facebook posts: "I was born in Italy but my heart & soul are in the USA. I am an American woman from the inside out. One day I'll reach my real home."

In January 2016 she won The Akademia Awards for Best Pop/R&B Song with her debut single "With Me".

Her very first acting project is called "THE CIRCLE", a short film shot in Italy on August 2016, where Daisy is one of the leading actors.

At the moment Daisy is located in Italy and is attending acting classes with the super talented American actor and director Randall Paul.


Akademia Music Award 2016 for Best Pop/R&B Song for new single "With Me"


Acting Manager:

Bruce Perry- 

+1 678-857-5540


Music Manager:

Phil Taylor


Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

    FOR BOOKING AND AVAILABILITY CONTACT- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 


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