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Mark “Marky Z” Sgambato, hailing from Philadelphia, PA is an accomplished musician who has been performing, writing and recording music for over 25 years. He is a skilled and versatile artist who sings and plays multiple instruments; bass, guitar, and drums. He is equally adept at arranging music as he is at writing lyrics.


He’s performed live at countless shows bringing his powerful bass punch to live audiences throughout the northeast, Midwest and the Ohio valley, and has recorded with many world-class bands.


In 2004 he became a signed artist for Star Power Entertainment based in Philadelphia, recording with the Hip Hop Rock band MIX MATCH

SOX, as well as signing with CROWN OF EARTH, a heavy metal band in 2013.


Mark also Currently performs in KNIGHTS REIGN: Ultimate DIO

Experience tribute band, recreating Ronnie James Dio’s

incredible bass riffs and low-end power with haunting accuracy.


As an in-demand recording artist, Marky Z has appeared in national publications, such as FLIRT MAGAZINE several times. The articles center on his role as host and co-creator of the popular rock interview video podcast show THE ROCKIN' HOUSE, which is entering its third season, and if the current trending response is any indication, THE ROCKIN’ HOUSE will continue to be an industry force well into the future.



The list of talented music heavy-weights Marky Z has interviewed and developed personal relationships with, reads like a who’s who of the world’s top performers. To name just a few, Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer and former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, Magnus Rosen former bassist of Hammerfall and presently The Magnus Rosen Band that includes members Tony Martin former Black Sabbath singer and Janne Schaffer Original ABBA guitarist, both of which Mark also interviewed,

and Steve Lynch former original guitarist and founder of

AUTOGRAPH, known for their top 100 hit in the late 1980's "Turn Up the Radio" as they toured with Van Halen in 1984.


Recently, Marky Z has had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with, Ricky Byrd, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee and former guitarist for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.


Interviews with these music industry A-listers and many more can be seen on THE ROCKIN’ HOUSE YouTube channel HERE, or for more information you can visit THE ROCKIN’ HOUSE website follow link-


In 2021 while we were all facing the crisis of a global pandemic, Marky Z created ANOINTED PROPHECY under the Sirius Wrath Music label. With Songtrust as his publishing company for licensing, Marky Z uses CD Baby for distribution.


In 2022, Marky Z enlisted the aid of national recording artist and renown musician, producer, sound engineer Mauro Cordiero from LEATHERJACKS, of San Paulo, Brazil to climb aboard the ANOINTED PROPHECY project.


Cordiero has written and performed solos for Mark, built and layered a digital drum package, and mixed and mastered all the ANOINTED PROPHECY music. Mark is thrilled with Cordiero’s style of playing, fitting the music he writes, arranges and composes, like a glove.


ANOINTED PROPHECY has been getting major air- play in rotation, starting with the release of Marky Z’s single "Lights in The Sky" on the biggest internet radio station in the U.S.

DIGITALREVOLUTIONRA- DIO.COM. "Lights in The Sky" has been featured on, THE HOUSE THAT METAL BUILT every Saturday night hosted by the popular DJ Crazy Train. ANOINTED PROPHECY is also getting major attention from movie producers with some songs having already been sub- mitted for soundtracks with Polestar Productions due to release in 2022.


To that end, throughout his career, Marky Z continues to cultivate powerhouse relationships in the music industry, while putting almost three decades of experience into ANOINTED PROPHECY and he looks forward to building this project, confident that with the right people on his team, ANOINTED PROPHECY’S massive success will finally be realized!



Mark “Marky Z” Sgambato :

Phone: 610-864-0803 



Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 

Distributed by- RSTE/AMG/SONY

Distributed by- RSTE/AMG/SONY

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